At This Moment

“Less is more”, its what I live by. Now I’m not saying to start dressing like a drunk woman at the races with it all hanging out, we well know the shoes were gone hours ago” kind of vibe! 
It’s about staying simple and sexy.
My clients and I like to call it our uniform. Your day to day style that we tend have around 15 different looks that of course can be mix and matched. Whether your style be boyfriend jeans, a pair of Isabel Marant booties, a loose tee and a structured jacked with some detailing on the sleeve or a simple maxi skirt, strappy sandals, a silk cami and a lacy bra - you’re doing it simple and living by my standard of “less is more”. Sticking to the consistency of your own look, and not going all out with the latest trends is also a must.

However one must remember one rule that doesn't change in our world. I don't care what it is, but you always need to have a statement item styled with that seasons uniform.....either a statement shoe or bag.

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