Premier Stylist Services by Kelly Smythe


Kelly Smythe Private Styling is a luxury service that provides you with Kelly’s personal wealth of experience, knowledge and resources taken from a long illustrious career as a distinguished stylist.

The service is built on a direct relationships between Kelly and her clients, fostering a relationship of trust, which allows her to understand the varied individual needs of her clients.

This personal relationship is important to Kelly and has been a key ingredient to the success of her service; it is the basis which will allow Kelly to identify and target your goals within the service and work towards achieving results and exceeding your expectations.

Kelly’s current client dossier comprises of a collection of esteemed individuals in their respective fields, both Australian and international. Kelly draws on her working relationships with both local and international designers and boutiques to provide her clients with unparalleled access to fashion at the very forefront of the industry. Her clients have the benefit of Kelly’s expertise to filter the breadth of the industry’s offerings down to a personal style.


A one-on-one consultation appointment with Kelly will be held at either the KS studio or the Clients home to clearly define the client’s goals and requirements, covering all aesthetic elements of style. You will need your diary out to lock in your fitting availability and hand over any wish lists. KS will take all measurements and personal details for your Style file, and will discuss with you all your budget requirements  (all financial elements of the service will be established)

Estimated time outlay for 1 hour


Wardrobe Edit
A strong insight to the client’s current style and habbits are discovered through an edit of their existing wardrobe. Kelly will filter each piece and together with her client, will determine those pieces that will fit seamlessly into the new wardrobe and those that do not.

This stage of the service is entirely optional and the clients are not under any obligation to discard any belongings. However, whilst this is often a ruthless process, it is also liberating and allows for the foundation of a refreshed style to be developed.

Estimated time outlay for 1 -2 hours


Style concept
Now KS will have a strong vision for your soon to be stylish world,  An imperative visual reference will be put together that provides an insight into your new updated  style.

 Incorporating an analysis into the trends and brands relevant to you.  The  is then used to cultivate a list of pieces sourced from local and international labels, blending into a collection that responds to the goals set out in the consultation.

Your Style concept is presented in a keynote digital format

Estimated time outlay 1-3 hours


A premium personal styling experience specifically tailored for each client - the process is favoured by all time poor people or anyone who suffers from shopping anxiety as Kelly will source all your product at the speed of light without requiring any time from you!

KS is supported by an extensive list of industry heavyweights, result being she is easily able to edit pieces from a limitless range of local and international labels allowing her to pull together a collection regardless of the brief, budget or timeframe.  This is the biggest investment of our time, as each client is individually prepped for, once all pieces are in studio its presented in the showroom for the pending fitting.

Estimated time ouylay 2 - 8 hours


The fitting
 KS team gather together pieces that have been provided on consignment from the suppliers. The client will then attend the studio at a discussed time meeting with Kelly for a private fitting; including an edit of the pieces the client wishes to purchases and preparation for any alterations that need undergoing.

Note: Kelly Smythe PTY LTD has the luxury of all products supplied on approval at the fitting. See payment terms for guidance from here.

Estimated time outlay 1 - 3 hours


Post Fitting
Time and organisation is of the essence here at the Kelly Smythe studio. We aim to essentially have all the returns of any pieces the client does not wish to purchase back to the suppliers as early as the same day. The timely return of products is essential to the ongoing relationships between Kelly and her suppliers and is done so with the upmost respect of their product and business.

Items that the client wish to purchase require payment through invoice within 24 hours of the fitting.


The Stylebook
The KS styling service continues to be utilised long after the fitting has taken place and the new style has overtaken the client’s personal wardrobe. Comprising of pieces from your pre-existing and new wardrobe the stylebook offers a great reference point for the client with a diverse collection of looks edited by Kelly. The client will be shown how to take flat lay photographs of items, so any new purchases made outside of Kelly’s service can be easily added to the stylebook.

This is produced to the client in an keynote electronic format, which facilitates an easy perusal for daily access and guidance. There is the option of turning this book into a beautiful coffee table book.

Estimated time outlay 2-6 hours


Consolidation/payment terms
The client will be provided with an invoice from our accounts team detailing the items chosen for purchase. We appreciate same-day rendering of payment and accept all credit cards as well as direct bank deposits.

Please note, as this is a specialised service, we do not operate like a department store. Once the client has directly approved all items there unfortunately will be no refunds due to a change of mind.

A credit note with KS is an option for all our clients

We take full responsibility of any faulty garments, and discuss any issues you may have at the time or post approval. Exchange of sizes, and alterations are completed post fitting.


Fees - Aval on request
Director fees  |   Kelly Smythe
Senior associate stylists
Assistant stylists


Kelly Smythe Pty Ltd required a 50% deposit (client budget dependant)


Cancellation fees
Preparation before a client’s fitting involves a significant time expense of the KS team and involves the collection, couriering and negotiation for the provision of all items selected for the clients fitting to be made available at the agreed time. As a result, cancellations within 48 hours will incur a 50% charge. If a cancellation occurs within 24hours of the client’s fitting. 100% cancellation applies.


All timing allocations are based on an average, this varies dependant on the brief and budget.


Please make all enquiries to or